Things to do in San Diego: Spring Edition

On the first day of spring, I thought it would be fun to make a bucket list of activities to do in San Diego over the spring time, and honestly all year round. With finals coming up, I wanted to find a few things I can do in between study breaks to reduce my stress and anxiety.

Brunch with friend

I want to find a new place to have brunch, there are so many great options, but I am the type of person to stick to one place, (that usually being Breakfast Republic) and sometimes forget to branch out. For the spring time especially, I want to find a really cool outdoor place. On the top of my list is Fig Tree Cafe, and I have so many more, I can write a blog post all about it.

Flower Fields in Carlsbad

There are lots of things to do in the Flower Fields for kids and even adults, like food, drinks, activities and lots of photo opportunities.

Farmers Market

There are so many Farmers markets in San Diego, they literally have one for each day, read all about it here. My favorite one is in Little Italy on Saturday. I also want to try out one during the week, its usually filled with a whole different crowed than the weekenders.

Buy tulips

I always love having fresh flowers in the house, and what better flower for the spring than tulips.

Bike ride

I want to bike ride on the mission beach boardwalk. Now there are so many apps where you can rent bikes for cheap, so there are no more excuses.

Have a picnic

I want to buy a very cute picnic basket and plan an artsy picnic in the park, or maybe even on the beach.

Spring clean my apartment

I cleaned out my whole entire kitchen, organized the whole fridge and went through my closet. I donated my unwanted clothes, found a few missing shirts I have been looking for and made room for more (always the best part). I also am in the process of redecorating my balcony, so I have removed all the trash, and unwanted items from out there.

Set up my balcony

As mentions before I want to make my balcony a better area, a place I can have breakfast in the morning or watch the sunset from at night. I am looking to do a makeover out there. I visited many stores and have my eye out on some furniture, when that is complete I want to write a whole blog post about it.

Paint with watercolors

I have many frames in my home that need to be filled, I want to paint art work that I can display and be super proud of. I need to practice first before I am actually ready to show it off.

Pick up a new hobby

Another thing on my bucket list was to do yoga, which has become my new hobby, I started doing hot yoga and it feels so amazing. I like to do it at night or first thing in the morning, for some reason I feel very refreshed after sweating everything out. At night time it allows me to destress from the whole day and calm me down for bed. In the morning however, it energizes me for the day, and I am able to have a clear mindset and set my intentions. I am so happy I have found something that pushes me out of my comfort zone.

Bake donuts

I have always been super obsessed with donuts, and recently I have been supper into the idea of making homemade baked vegan donuts. I will link a few of the recipes I am dying over and cannot wait to make. There is the old fashioned donut, the plain lemon, the lemon coconut, and the strawberry iced donut. I cannot decide which one I want to make first. But if baking isn’t your thing, San Diego has some amazing donut shops.

Add a new plant baby

There’s a corner in my apartment that is looking very lonely. I have always wanted to add a plant there, but I cannot decide which one I want. I need to go to a plant shop and see which plant I fall in-love with. If you know of any good plant shops in San Diego please comment them down below.

Spend a day at Balboa Park

Balboa park, always has fun activities going on. Even just walking around is so beautiful, you can visit the different museums, botanical garden, or just sit on the grass and watch the birds chirp around. In late April they have a celebration for earth day and lots of different vendors and musicians come, that can also be a great day to visit.

Watch a sunset

I don’t think I can actually put this on a bucket list if I have done this over 1000 times, however, this is my list, and I haven’t actually watched a sunset this season yet… so there you go.

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